Bedside lamp

Upgrade the atmosphere in your bedroom with some cosy bedside lamps. Through our online boutique, you can explore a wide range of table lamps for the bedroom and find the perfect lamp to fit into your bedroom. Bedroom lamps are a great way to use light to adjust the feeling in your room. Mostly, people use a bedroom lamp whilst you’re chilling or reading in bed. A bedside lamp is used as a secondary source of light in your bedroom- and to save you from having to navigate to your bed in the dark. Whilst they have many functional uses, bedside lights can also bring together the style of the room - discover some tips below!

Table lamps for bedroom

Bedside lights are a great addition to any bedroom but there are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to table lamps for the bedroom. Firstly, you want to make sure that the light isn’t too high or low for your bed. If you are sitting a table lamp on a bedside table, the lamps should be around 30 inches tall. This means you’ll have good lighting for whatever you’re doing in bed as if it’s too high up, it can also be annoying. Make sure your bedside light switch is within arms length- there’s nothing more annoying than having to fiddle around looking for the switch. Don’t be afraid to go for a large bedside lamp in the bedroom. Your bed is a large piece of furniture so you can create balance in the room with larger lights - otherwise, smaller lamps will be drowned out in the room.

Modern bedside lamps

When it comes to styling your bedroom, make sure your choice of lighting suits the rest of the room- and that it remains functional. These days, modern bedside lamps are compatible with smart lighting so that you can edit the brightness and light colour from your phone. A modern bedroom lamp can be a powerful accent in the room so it could be a statement piece. Generally, glass and ceramic lamps are really popular at the moment. If you can find a suitable glass lamp that still creates mood lighting, you’re on for a winner!

Wooden bedside lamps

Lighting in the bedroom should be used as mood lighting so the fixture itself should reflect that. When picking a bedside lamp, try and match it with the general look and feel with the rest of the room and avoid really strong, heavy colours such as black and gold. Unless you’re mastered how to make a cosy industrial style bedroom, our suggestion would be to introduce wooden bedside lamps into your room. Wooden bedside lamps are very modern and match nicely with your bed frame.   

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