Table lamps

Create dynamic lighting in your living room through table lamps. Discover new brands of table lamps through our online boutique, BOETIEK. In the living you should have two types of lighting: functional lighting to be used for getting things done and mood lighting- for creating some atmosphere. It’s important to create a cosy atmosphere in your living room to make it an inviting space where you can go to unwind. Table lamps are a really easy way to create this atmosphere in the living room- scroll through a number of different choices for living room lighting!

Table lamps for living room

One of my favourite ways to create mood lighting in the living room is through table lamps. Lighting in your living room needs to be adaptable to lots of different situations and table lamps are a great choice for the living room as it also creates another level of lighting- perfect for when you’re on the couch with your feet up. This season, popular table lamps for the living room include industrial style exposed bulbs, sleek table lights and quirky lamps and patterned shades.

Side table lamps

Side table lamps need to be both practical and stylish. When picking a table lamp to sit on a side table make sure you’ve considered the balance of the room. You don’t want to have a table light too large for your side table so that it can’t be used for other things. Equally, consider the size of the room; something too small won’t have enough impact. If your side table is in the corner of the room, look out for long and narrow table lamps as these will make the room feel bigger.

Wooden table lamp

While glass lamps make for an elegant finish, wooden table lamps are a popular choice. Table lamp designs have had a real refresh in the last few years and now you’ll find that wooden table lamps come in really modern, fresh designs. Wooden table lamps are a twist on your usual metal lamps and are a much cosier choice of material for your lamps as wood is a softer material.  

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