Artificial plants

Not everyone has green fingers and sometimes we all like to take a short-cut or two, right? That’s why we have artificial flowers for decoration in our house, because it’s not always easy to keep a bunch of flowers or plants alive forever. Anyway, artificial flower arrangements can look almost real these days- have you never walked through the end bit of Ikea and given the leaves a quick squeeze? The trick to pulling off faux flowers in your home is to make sure they have been strategically placed. Now, you don’t want it to be really obvious that you have fake flowers in your house which is why we advise that you have them slightly out of sight. For example, you could have artificial hanging baskets in the loo or the corner of the room- so that you have the effect of flowers without it being so noticeable that they aren’t real. You too can have evergreen plants and flowers in your house- have a quick scroll through the options available to you through BOETIEK. 

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