A table is an investment in your home that will be regularly used for years to come which is why it’s so important to buy yourself a table that you love. We’re making furniture shopping even easier by creating an overview of high quality tables on BOETIEK. Through the shops connected to us below, you’ll be able to browse through many different styles of tables- from marble dining room tables to glass side tables. Have a browse through the different tables to buy online and check whether you can choose from one of our sustainable or local options through the filters below.

Dining room table

The dining room table would usually be the centerpiece of your dining room. That means that your dining room table can be a statement piece of furniture. With that, you could have a traditional wooden table or you could choose something a bit different like a marble table. At BOETIEK, we're big fans of oversized wooden tables because they make such a statement in the dinner room. It’s really easy to blend together wooden furniture and black industrial accessories. This makes for a great neutral canvas for you to build colour into through dinnerware or table dressings, such as placemats or candle holders. 

Small table

If you live in a flat it might not make sense to have a large dining table so there are options for you too. If you’re looking for a small table online then you’ll need the measurements to be around 120cm x 75cm. A small table of this size will still allow you to have 4 chairs around the dinner table. If you’d prefer a small table, you could always have a look at round tables. Round tables take up less of your floor space and you can neatly tuck chairs underneath them if you aren’t using them. A glass tabletop will also prevent the room from feeling too small too as it's transparent.  

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