Dinner sets

We’ve got dinner sets perfect for every occasion. You can add a touch of sophistication to your dinner parties through coordinated dinnerware sets. Dinnerware sets don’t have to be OOT or really expensive; they can be a one-time investment to level up your dinner parties. If you want to buy a complete dinnerware set, we recommend that you choose a plain dinner set so that the whole setting isn’t too busy. Over the last year, we've got really into having our friends over for dinner parties or brunch. The dinner sets that we use for those events can be tweaked to achieve a different mood for whatever setting. If you have a plain set of dinner plates and you'll like something more contemporay, have a look through neutral colour palettes, matte finishes and even pastel if you're looking for a fresh twist.


If you, like I, have been collecting tableware as I’ve moved around flats then maybe you only need to purchase some plain base pieces. There is some sense into having tableware that matches- it does look much better when you have people round for dinner. However, we think you should also bring your own personal touch into your tableware and it’s actually really easy to do! Through some statement pieces of tableware that you can use for serving you can add your own flare to a plain set of dinner plates. Through BOETIEK, you’ll find decorative plates and ceramic bowls that make great centerpieces for your dinner table.

Blue dinner sets

A really popular colour in ceramics right now is blue. Well, technically blue has always been a popular choice of colour for ceramics and china which has to do with how well cobalt blue could be created waaay back in the day. Nowadays blue dinner sets have made a comeback. You could choose all-blue tableware - think eggshell or matte navy -  or a modern version of the traditional blue prints. 

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