You know you’ve grown up when you’re looking for pillows for the couch. And we love it! There are so many different accent pillow and pillowcases available, we understand why the couch was always full of them! Our advice is to have a look at the basic colour scheme of your living room and match your sofa cushions with them. When it comes to accent pillows, you can match them with your rug, curtains or even bring the colour through from the dining space. Sofa cushions can come in so many different colours and materials but right now velvet cushions are definitely popular. We’re always a big advocate of colours and prints but perhaps you’re just looking for plain cushions? Well, we’ve got ‘em too! It doesn’t really matter whether they’re living room cushions or they sometimes make their way to being outdoor couch cushions. These are your accent pillow; they are supposed to be there to be decorative (and practical). Think of pillows as a home accessory that you can change once in a while, to give your interior a completely new look and feel.

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